Moving forward with the end in mind

Sometimes you do not have a real choice of reaching an agreement and avoid going to court if one party is unreasonable or deliberately forcing you through the court system. In most situations you will have a choice.

It is important to regularly stand back and ask yourself what is truly important to you.

Fighting for your legal entitlements should be considered in context. Some of the factors you should consider are:

  • The cost of going to court
  • The time involved for court proceedings – this includes the length of time for court matters to be finalised and the time you need to take off work to go to court
  • The stress of court proceedings
  • The uncertain nature of court proceedings
  • Your future – it is difficult to move on with your life while court proceedings are ongoing.

It is good to know your legal rights and entitlements. It is better to have an overall plan taking into account:

  • Your legal entitlements
  • Your lifestyle, practical considerations and your personal situation
  • The costs involved.

Separations are often an emotional time and it can be difficult to remain rational. Yet it is this quality that you will need to make sensible decisions.

We work closely with you and at all times are practical in our approach. We know the law, but our focus is on resolving your matter.